To log in to a rack's SDDC Manager (vrm) virtual machine to perform operations using the vrm-cli tool, you log in using the root account credentials.

When the hardware for a rack is imaged, a randomized password is generated for the root account for that rack's SDDC Manager virtual machine. That generated password is obtained at the end of the imaging process, as described in theCloud Foundation VIA User's Guide.

The ./ rotate-all command does not change the password of the SDDC Manager virtual machine's root account, and the ./ lookup-password command does not report this password. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you change the password for the SDDC Manager virtual machine's root account and for the virtual machine's vrack service account at the first opportunity to passwords that you can easily keep track of and manage in your organization.


When you change the passwords for the SDDC Manager virtual machine's root and vrack accounts, they are not retrievable from your Cloud Foundation environment or from the SDDC Manager virtual machine. You must retain the passwords that you set.