Follow this procedure to install ESXi VIBs on a host.


  1. Identify the ESXi version and build in your Cloud Foundation installation.
    1. Log in to the vSphere Web Client.
    2. On the left navigation panel, click an operational ESXi host.

      The ESXi version and build are displayed on the top in the right panel. esxi

  2. Retrieve the IP address of the SDDC Manager VM.
    1. Log in to the vCenter Web Client.

    2. Click the SDDC Manager VM (displayed as vrm-UUID).

    3. The IP address is displayed on the right panel.


  3. In a command line window, SSH to the SDDC Manager VM on the rack where you are adding the host.
  4. Navigate to /mnt/cdrom/vcf-bundle-2.1.0-4726423/vmware/esxi_image and copy the ESXi image on a USB drive.
  5. Install the ESXi image on the new host.
  6. Set the password on the host to EvoSddc!2016.

    This is the default password of all ESXi hosts.

  7. Assign an IP address to the host from the following range: -

    where the subnet is and gateway is

  8. Enable the Secure Shell (SSH) for the new host:
    1. Open the vSphere Web Client.
    2. Right-click Host in the VMware Host Client.
    3. Click SSH Enable.
  9. Enable firewall on SSH host and restrict connections to the subnet by running the following commands:

    esxcli network firewall ruleset set --ruleset-id=sshServer --allowed-all false

    esxcli network firewall ruleset allowedip add --ip-address= --ruleset-id=sshServer

  10. Set the DNS IP on the host to
  11. Depending on the controller on your new host, copy the appropriate VIB to the new host. The VIBs are located in the SDDC Manager VM.


    VIB Location and Path

    PERC H730


    LSI 3008


    LSI 2308


    HP Smart Array P840


  12. Run the following command to install the VIB on the host.

    esxcli software vib install --force -v pathToVIB