To look up the account credentials for the built-in accounts that are managed and rotated by SDDC Manager, you log in to the SDDC Manager virtual machine using the root account credentials and run the lookup-password command using the vrm-cli tool located in the /home/vrack/bin directory.


You must have the root account credentials to log in to the SDDC Manager VM and run the lookup-password command. See Credentials for Logging In To the SDDC Manager (vrm) Virtual Machine.


  1. Using the root account, connect and log in, for example by SSH, to the SDDC Manager VM.
  2. Change to the /home/vrack/bin directory.
  3. Stop the vrm-watchdogserver and vrm-tcserver services.
    service vrm-watchdogserver stop
    service vrm-tcserver stop

    Even though the ./ lookup-password command can run without stopping the services, it is a best practice to stop the services before running any command.

  4. Obtain the account credentials list by typing the command:

    ./ lookup-password.

    The output displays the account credentials and IP addresses for the physical and logical entities on which the vrm-cli tool operates. The username and password for each account is displayed.

  5. (Optional) Save the command output to a secure location so that you can access it later and use it to log in to the components as needed.
  6. If you are not going to run any other commands, restart the vrm-watchdogserver service, which also restarts the vrm-tcserver service.
    service vrm-watchdogserver start

    If you are going to run other commands, leave the services stopped until you are finished running those commands and then start them.