You begin by upgrading the VMware Cloud Foundation software on the management domain.


  1. Ensure that the SDDC Manager (VRM, LCM) and HMS are at the same version. In a dual rack scenario, the SDDC Manager and HMS versions must be the same on both racks. To confirm this, click the LIFECYCLE tab and then click INVENTORY.

  2. Ensure that the existing version of Horizon View is compatible with the software versions in the LCM update you are applying. Refer to the VMware Product Interoperability Matrixes at If there is a mismatch, manually upgrade the Horizon View components before applying the LCM patch. Refer to the Horizon View documentation on


  1. Save VMware account credentials. See Login to your VMware Account.
  2. Download all available update bundles. See Download Update Bundle.
  3. On the Lifecycle Management page, click the UPDATES tab.

    The number of available updates is displayed next to the title of the UPDATE tab.

  4. Click the drop-down next to Available Updates.
  5. Click the UPDATE button next to the VMware Cloud Foundation update.

    On the TARGET page, the management domain is selected by default.

  6. Click NEXT.
  7. On the SCHEDULE page, select the date and time for the update to be applied to the target domains and click NEXT. You can select a date within a year from the present date.



    Do not reboot the physical racks, any devices on the rack, or the SDDC Manager VM while the upgrade is in progress.

  8. Click NEXT.
  9. On the Review Update page, review the update bundle, targets, and schedule. An example screenshot is provided below.


  10. Click SCHEDULE UPDATE. An example screenshot is provided below.


    The scheduled update appears in the SCHEDULED UPDATES section on the UPDATES tab and displays the time it is scheduled to be installed. Click MORE to see the update bundle details. When it is time for a scheduled update to be installed, the UPDATE tab is refreshed within 3 minutes of the start time. The In Progress section displays the update details. Click VIEW UPDATE DETAILS to display the Update Status. The Update Status page displays the resources within the domain being updated as well as the update progress (tasks completed and the total number of tasks). The resource being updated displays the 9 icon. Resources that have been updated display the 11icon.

    When an update is in progress, the Lifecycle Management page displays a warning message that the interface may be unresponsive and require user log out and back in after the update.

  11. Click on a resource to view the update details on that resource.

    Do not cancel an in-progress update.

    When all resources within the domain have been updated, the overall status of the domain update is displayed as COMPLETED. Click LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT to go back to the UPDATE page where the completed update is displayed under COMPLETED UPDATES with the SUCCESS status. An example screenshot is provided below.


  12. To download the log file, click 7 next to SUCCESS and then click DOWNLOAD UPDATE LOG.

    If an update on a resource fails, a failure message is displayed on the Update Status page. You must resolve the issue with the resource that failed to be updated. The failed update is displayed on the UPDATE tab under Available Updates. You can re-schedule this update once the issue is resolved.