A vRealize Log Insight instance is a syslog collector. When vRealize Log Insight is licensed for use in your Cloud Foundation environment, you can manually configure the switches to export their log files to the vRealize Log Insight instance.


Verify that you have the root account credentials to log in remotely to the SDDC Manager virtual machines on each rack. The root account credentials are managed by your organization. See Credentials for Logging In To the SDDC Manager (vrm) Virtual Machine.


  1. On the primary rack, using the root account, connect and log in, for example by SSH, to the SDDC Manager VM.
  2. Change to the /home/vrack/bin directory.
  3. Configure ability to export the switches' log files to the vRealize Log Insight instance by typing the command:

    ./vrm-cli.sh configure-syslog

    The command output displays information that the command is running and when it is finished.

What to do next