The third party upgrade script is part of the Cloud Foundation bundle and is located in the SDDC Manager VM.

About this task

In a multi-rack environment, you must upgrade third party software on rack 1 and then on the other racks in your datacenter.


  1. Using the root account, SSH to the 192.168.100.x IP address of the SDDC Manager VM on rack 1.
  2. Navigate to the following directory:

    cd /home/vrack/lcm/upgrade/vrm/upgrade_id/vrm-upgrade-vcf212-vcf213/ova_packages/

  3. Run the 3rd party upgrade script:

    ./ ALL

  4. In a multi-rack scenario, SSH to the SDDC Manager VM on each additional rack and run the following command.
    cd /home/vrack/lcm/upgrade/vrm/<upgrade_id>/vrm-upgrade-vcf212-vcf213/ova_packages/
    ./ VRM
  5. Reboot VMs in the following order.
    1. ISVM1

    2. ISVM2

    3. ISVM3

    4. LCM-Repo

    5. LCM-Backup-Repo

    6. VRM1 on rack 1

    7. VRM VM on each additional rack