To increase the physical resources that are associated with a Virtual Infrastructure workload domain, you can expand the workload domain.

About this task

You expand a workload domain from its details page.


  1. From the SDDC Manager dashboard, navigate to the workload domain's details page.
  2. In the Domain Details page, click EXPAND DOMAIN.

    The Expand Domain wizard opens.

  3. At the Resources step, specify the resources to add to the workload domain.



    Expand Method - By Capacity

    Type the amount of CPU, memory, and storage capacity to add to the workload domain.

  4. Proceed to the next step by clicking Next.
  5. At the Review step, review the displayed information and then click Apply to begin the expansion workflow.

    The Review page lists the hosts that the workflow will add to the workload domain to accommodate the requested capacity and the physical rack details for those hosts.


A message indicating the status of the workflow appears at the top of the Domain Details window. To confirm the progress of the expansion workflow's tasks, navigate to the System Status page and click Tasks.