Administering VMware Cloud Foundation provides information about managing a VMware Cloud Foundation™ environment, including managing the environment's physical and virtual infrastructure, managing users, configuring and deploying service offerings, and upgrading and monitoring the environment.

Intended Audience

The Administering VMware Cloud Foundation is intended for data center system administrators who manage their organization's Cloud Foundation environment. The information in this guide is written for experienced data center system administrators who are familiar with:

  • Concepts of virtualization, software-defined data centers, virtual infrastructure (VI), and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)

  • VMware virtualization technologies, such as VMware ESXi™, the hypervisor

  • Software-defined networking using VMware NSX®

  • Software-defined storage using VMware Virtual SAN™

  • IP networks

Additionally, you should be familiar with these VMware software products, software components, and their features:

  • VMware vSphere®

  • VMware vCenter Server® and VMware vCenter Server® Appliance™

  • VMware Platform Services Controller™

  • VMware vRealize® Operations™

  • VMware vRealize® Log Insight™

  • The View components from the VMware Horizon® 6 product

  • VMware App Volumes™

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The VMware Cloud Foundation Overview and Bring-Up Guide contains detailed information about a Cloud Foundation installation, its components, and the network topology of a deployed environment.

VMware Technical Publications Glossary

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