Use the Licensing screen of the SDDC Manager client to work with the Cloud Foundation license keys.

About this task

In the Licensing screen, you can:

  • Review the license keys that are currently assigned in your installatio.

  • Enter license keys.

  • Edit the descriptions of the assigned license keys. The descriptions are displayed in the Licensing screen.

  • Remove license keys.


Manage the license keys using the action menus in the screen.



Enter a license key by clicking Actions > Add License Key.

The Add License window opens for entering the details. Type in the license key and an optional description and click Verify. When the verification is successful, click Add.

Edit the description of an already entered license key by clicking the Edit choice in the action menu next to that license key.

In the Add License window, edit the description and save your changes.

Remove a license key from use by clicking the Delete choice in the action menu next to that license key.

Confirm the action to remove the license key from use by this environment.