If you purchased an integrated system, your hardware partner sends you the system generated password for SDDC Manager along with the imaged rack. If you deployed Cloud Foundation on a ready system, you must have saved the SDDC Manager password. This password is not changed during password rotation. VMware strongly recommends that you change this password before creating workloads.


  1. In a command line window, SSH to the SDDC Manager on the rack.
  2. Login as root. Use the password provided to you by the partner (integrated system use case) or the one you saved after imaging the rack(ready system deployment use case.
  3. Type the following command to change the password:


  4. At the prompt, type and re-type the new password.

    The SDDC Manager password is changed.

  5. Refresh the web browser window where you were running the Initial Setup wizard.
  6. Type in one of the following set of credentials:
    • superuser account username and password that you created during the initial setup

    • administrator@vsphere.local user name and the password you noted down afer rotating it (credentials appear in the Single Sign On section in the output of the lookup-password command)

    The dashboard page appears.


    For information on how to administer and operate your data center's Cloud Foundation system, see the Administering VMware Cloud Foundation.