Complete these steps before bringing-up the additional rack.


  1. Copy the file encryption keys from rack 1 to rack 2. This file will be used to perform encryption and decryption while saving and retrieving the ESXi and PSC passwords to and from Zookeeper.
    1. In a command line window, SSH to the private IP address of SDDC Manager on rack 2.

      For information on retrieving the private IP address of SDDC Manager, see Locate SDDC Manager IP Address.

    2. Run the following script:


      The default source and destination paths are displayed.

    3. Type the password of the SDDC Manager on the first physical rack.

    If the files are copied successfully, the message File copied successfully is displayed.

  2. Confirm that the ISVMs on rack 2 are deleted.

    The additional rack does not contain ISVMs if it was imaged with VIA using the Add-On Rack option.

  3. Navigate to /home/vrack/bin.
  4. Sync the SDDC Manager properties by typing the following command.

    ./ sync-properties