Cloud Foundation is deployed with factory default passwords. You must replace the default passwords with secure system generated passwords.

About this task


In a multi-rack setup, you must change the passwords on the first physical rack before bringing-up additional racks.


You must have completed bring-up on the rack and the Password Rotation blocker screen must have been displayed.


  1. In a command line window, SSH as root to one of the base IP addresses for SDDC Manager on the rack. See Locate SDDC Manager IP Address.
  2. Navigate to /home/vrack/bin.
  3. Type the following command:

    ./ lookup-password

    The output displays the passwords and IP addresses for all components.

  4. Save the output to a secure location so that you can access it later.
  5. Save a copy of the /home/vrack/VMware/vRack/ file to a secure location where you can access it later.
  6. In the SDDC Manager console window, navigate to /home/vrack/bin.
  7. Type the following command:

    ./ rotate-all

    This command changes the passwords of physical and logical components on the rack. Wait for 10 minutes before proceeding to the next step.

  8. In the SDDC Manager console window, type the following command again:

    ./ lookup-password

    Save the output. Compare the output file you saved in step 5 with the output file you saved now and ensure that all passwords have been changed. Note the password for the administrator account, which you will need for logging in to the Cloud Foundation dashboard.

  9. Refresh the browser window where you were running the Initial Setup wizard.

    The Continue to Dashboard button is now green. Click this button to display the Cloud Foundation Dashboard.

  10. Log out of the Dashboard.
  11. Log back in using your superuser credentials.