With Cloud Foundation, you can deliver virtual or hosted desktops and applications through a single Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) platform with VMware VMware Horizon with View. End users can access all of their desktops and applications through a single unified workspace.

When you deploy a VDI workload, Cloud Foundation reserves the necessary hardware resources and deploys the required SDDC components. Your Cloud Foundation system auto-configures the physical infrastructure. SDDC Manager deploys the following for a VDI workload:

  • Physical compute

    The servers specified by the administrator are deployed. Each server includes processing, storage, and network connectivity.

  • Virtual infrastructure

    One vCenter Server is deployed per workload domain, which connects to the Platform Services Controller in the management domain for credentials and licenses. It creates workload domains according to the specifications, adding hosts and creating vSAN datastores from the storage on those hosts. It also deploys and configures NSX switches into the ESXi instance on each host.

  • Physical networking

    SDDC Manager uses the HMS to configure the switches to accept traffic for the VLANs created in the virtual infrastructure and to route traffic for the public logical networks of the workload domain.

  • Management

    Cloud Foundation allows administrators to monitor and manage the workload domain using vRealize Operations Manager, and vRealize Log Insight.

  • VDI

    Cloud Foundation is bundled with VMware Horizon with View and automates the deployment of View Connection Servers, security servers, App Volumes, Composer Server, and a DHCP Relay Agent. Cloud Foundation can create an initial desktop pool.

With VDI, you can:

  • Create additional users for access to the VMware Horizon with View environment, connecting it to an LDAP or Active Directory server for authenticating enterprise users.

  • Configure desktop environments including persistence, application access, etc.

  • Migrate VM templates from VDI infrastructure outside the workload domain into the virtual rack workload domain(s). This is made possible because the SDDC Manager creates the management virtual network as a public one (traffic can flow in and out of the workload domain and physical rack) and vCenter Server 6.0 allows VM migration between vCenter Servers. You cannot migrate VMs being managed by another installation of VMware Horizon with View.