Bootstrap SDDC Manager on rack 2 from SDDC Manager on rack 1.


  1. On the SDDC Manager Dashboard for rack 1, click SETTINGS > Physical Rack Settings.
  2. Click the Additional Rack tab.

    The thumbprint of rack 2 is displayed here.


  3. Click ADD RACK.

    The Add a Rack wizard appears.


  4. Compare the thumbprint displayed on the screen with the thumbprint you received from the partner (integrated system use case) or the thumbprint you saved after imaging the rack (ready system use case).
  5. If the thumbprints match, click CONFIRM.

    The Validation page appears.


  6. On the Validation page, type the bootstrap password and click CONFIRM.

    The Confirmation page confirms that the additional rack has been added to the Cloud Foundation system.


  7. Click DONE.

    The Additional Rack page displays the thumbprint of the rack you just added. The CONFIGURE button is grayed out until you complete the manual steps required at this point. See Manual Steps for Rack Addition.


  8. Leave this browser window open.

What to do next

Complete manual steps for rack addition.