The SDDC Manager IP address changes during bring-up. You need to look up the new IP address so that you can log in to change the password on the rack components.


  1. Look up the vCenter Server IP address from the notes you took when the Component IP Allocation page of the Initial Setup wizard displayed the IP addresses allocated to the virtual machines.
  2. Login to this IP address via the vSphere Web Client. Use your superuser account credentials for the user name and password. Append @vsphere.local to the user name.
  3. Navigate to the Hosts and Clusters view and click the SDDC Manager VM in the left pane. The name of the VM appears as vrm-UUID.
  4. On the right pane, click the Summary tab.
  5. The IP Address field displays the SDDC Manager IP address.



  6. Click View all to display all the IP addresses.
  7. Identify the base IP addresses for SDDC Manager.

    There are three IP addresses displayed for SDDC Manager. The IP address that was displayed for VRM on the IP Allocation page is the virtual IP (VIP) of the SDDC Manager. The other two IP addresses are the base addresses. The private IP address is the 192.168.100.x. You need a base IP address for password rotation because the VIP disappears when the vrm-tcserver service is shut down, which will make you lose connectivity when you shut down the service as required during password rotation.