When you power on a rack, the SDDC Manager VM (VRM) that is pre-installed on host 0 is supposed to power on automatically. If this does not happen, you can manually power it on using the vSphere Web Client.


You open your browser to the address for the SDDC Manager setup wizard, and you do not see the wizard's starting screen. Instead of displaying the wizard, the browser shows there is no connection.


The setup wizard requires the pre-installed SDDC Manager VM to be running. If it is not powered on when the ESXi host powers on, the setup wizard cannot run.


  1. On the jump host that is connected to port 48 on the management switch, start the vSphere Web Client and open it to IP address
  2. Log in to the host.
  3. In the vSphere Web Client, navigate to the Inventory view to see the vrm VM. Ensure that it is powered on. If a virtual machine does not have a green arrow icon, it is not powered on.

    The LCM Repository and three Zookeeper VMs are also pre-installed. Once the vrm VM is powered on, it powers on the three Zookeeper VMs. The LCM Repository VM is activated during the Cloud Foundation deployment.

  4. If vrm VM is not powered on, power it on.