Once your physical rack is imaged (where the SDDC software is pre-configured on the rack), the rack is powered on, and ToR switches are connected to the datacenter network, you connect a jump box to the ToR switches and log in to the SDDC Manager using a browser on the jump box.

About this task

During power on, SDDC Manager completes the configuration of a private cloud in a process called bring-up.

The bring-up process involves multiple steps. Multi-rack configurations require all steps to be completed on the first physical rack before adding additional physical racks


Verify that you have met the following prerequisites.

  • You have your completed copy of the VMware Cloud Foundation Site Readiness Planning Guide along with your VMware representative. This document contains networking and other information that you use in the Cloud Foundation setup wizard.

  • You have prepared your site, including power requirements, as described in the VMware Cloud Foundation Site Readiness Planning Guide.

  • You have physical connectivity to the management switch in the first physical rack and a supported web browser such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. For the list of supported browser versions, see the Release Notes. To run the setup wizard, the browser must be able to connect to port 48 on a rack's management switch. Some methods to accomplish this prerequisite are:

    • On the physical rack, wire the management switch's port #48 to a computer (jump host) that has one of the supported browsers, such as a Windows laptop with its integrated monitor.

    • To use a browser on a remote computer, use a switch to connect the management switch's port #48 to a network that your remote computer can use to access the port.