The SDDC Manager provisions, manages, and monitors the logical and physical resources of Cloud Foundation.

SDDC Manager is responsible for Cloud Foundation configuration, operations, and management functions by:

  • Abstracting and aggregating the physical resources of an SDDC into a logical entity.

  • Performing physical resource management such as adding and removing hosts or switches to the rack, adding new racks to scale, failure management, and maintaining and upgrading hosts and switches.

  • Orchestrating the shutdown and boot-up of logical software and management plane components of Cloud Foundation such as ESXi, vCenter Server, vRealize Operations, vRealize Log Insight, NSX, and vSAN.

  • Generating the logical resource mapping structures based on workload profiles, physical events, and physical operations (such as vCenter clusters, vCenter cluster expansion operations, etc.).

  • Interacting with the Cloud Foundation software components, such as vCenter Server for cluster and vSAN management, Hardware Management Services for hardware management, vRealize Operations for health monitoring; NSX Manager for network management, and the vRealize Automation suite for workload management.

As you expand your Cloud Foundation environment horizontally by adding physical racks, the SDDC Manager allows data center administrators to configure the additional racks into a single pool of resources. This consolidates compute, storage, and networking resources of the racks available for assignment to workloads.

The SDDC Manager is a multi-threaded execution engine that includes the Physical Resources Manager (PRM), Logical Resources Manager (LRM), and an events engine.