The VMware Cloud Foundation Overview and Bring-Up Guide provides an overview of the VMware Cloud Foundation product and its components and describes the steps for setting up and configuring a Cloud Foundation system.

Intended Audience

The VMware Cloud Foundation Overview and Bring-Up Guide is intended for data center cloud administrators who deploy an Cloud Foundation system in their organization's data center. The information in this guide is written for experienced data center cloud administrators who are familiar with:

  • Concepts of virtualization and software-defined data centers

  • Networking and concepts such as uplinks, NICs, and IP networks

  • Hardware components such as top-of-rack (ToR) switches, spine switches, servers with direct attached storage, cables, and power supplies

  • Methods for setting up physical racks in your data center

  • Using the VMware vSphere® Web Client™ to work with virtual machines

Related Publications

The Administering VMware Cloud Foundation contains detailed information about how to administer and operate your data center's deployed Cloud Foundation system.

Your Cloud Foundation system includes various VMware software products and components. You can find the documentation for those VMware software products at

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