An unmanaged host is a host in the capacity pool that is not part of a workload domain. This section describes how to upgrade the ESXi version on an unmanaged host in the first rack in a Cloud Foundation system before adding it to a workload domain. To upgrade unmanaged hosts in additional racks, contact VMware Support.

About this task


Take a backup of the unmanaged host before upgrading. See Back Up ESXi and Physical Switch Configurations.

The upgrade bundle must have been downloaded and must be available in the repository.


  1. On the Repository tab, click More Details next to the appropriate bundle.
  2. Note down the values in the Version and Required Version fields of the ESX_HOST section.
  3. Using the root account, SSH in to the SDDC Manager Controller VM.
  4. Navigate to the /opt/vmware/sddc-support/ directory.
  5. Run the following script:

    The output displays the hosts in your Cloud Foundation system.

  6. Select the unmanaged host you want to upgrade.
  7. Verify that the Required Version value you noted in step 2 matches the Current Version displayed in the output table for the selected host.
  8. Specify the ESXi version you had noted down in Step 2.
  9. Follow the upgrade progress in the command window.

    A sample output is shown below.