You point your browser to the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of one of the VMware SDDC products in the Cloud Foundation software stack, but the login screen for that software product does not appear in the browser.


In the SDDC Manager Dashboard in your browser, you can see a list of the FQDN names that are assigned to the VMware SDDC products' Web interfaces on the Management Info area of the management domain. However, when you directly type one of those names into your browser, the login screen does not appear and the browser cannot complete the request.


The FQDN names contain a portion that is the value that was entered for the subdomain when you ran the Cloud Foundation bring-up process. For example, the FQDN for a rack's vCenter Server instance might be listed as, where is the full value that appeared in the bring-up wizard screens.

The SDDC Manager runs an internal DNS server so that it can guarantee that FQDN resolution works within the installation. If a delegation record was not configured in the specified root domain to point to the SDDC Manager DNS server for the specified Cloud Foundation zone, these FQDNs cannot be resolved.

You configure the zone delegation using the standard administration tools used by your company or organization to manage the DNS server that was specified in bring-up wizard, such as Server Manager on Microsoft Windows Server operating systems.

The following steps illustrate configuring the zone delegation using Server Manager on Windows 2008 Server.


  1. In Microsoft Server Manager, expand the navigation tree to see the Forward Lookup Zones and the name of the root domain.
  2. Right-click the root domain and click New Delegation in the pop-up menu.

    The New Delegation wizard appears.

  3. Start the wizard by clicking Next and typing the subdomain portion for your installation in the Delegated domain field.

    The Full qualified domain name (FQDN) field automatically fills in.

  4. Verify that the automatically filled-in name matches the portion in the VMware SDDC components' FQDN names that you are attempting to use in the browser to log in to those components' Web interfaces, and then click Next to proceed.
  5. Click Add to specify the VIP address of the SDDC Manager virtual machine.

    The New Name Server Record window appears.

  6. Type the SDDC Manager Controller VM's IP in the Server the fully qualified domain name field.
  7. Click Resolve.

    After you click Resolve, the IP address is listed in the IP Addresses list box and validated as OK if your DNS server can reach the SDDC Manager virtual machine.

  8. If the IP address validates, click OK to proceed.

    If the IP address does not validate, call support to request assistance.

    The IP address is listed in the Name servers list box.

  9. Click Next to proceed.

    The delegation record has been created and you can click Finish to close the wizard.