The HMS component does a periodic ping on your Cloud Foundation system to check the health of the management switch and reports failures. When a management switch failure occurs, the system raises a MANAGEMENT_SWITCH_DOWN critical alert.

For information on viewing alerts, see Managing Alerts, Events, and Audit Events. When you replace the management switch in a rack, you must replace it with a switch that has the same identical specifications as the one you are replacing. The replacement management switch must be from the same manufacturer and be the same model as the one it is replacing.

Replacing the management switch is a mult-step process. You must perform the tasks in the order in which they are documented.


  • Verify your Cloud Foundation system is operational. You can do this by verifying that the workload domains you have in the system are running.

  • Verify you have a replacement switch from the same manufacturer and of the same model as the management switch you are replacing.

  • Verify the replacement switch has the 2.5.x version of Cumulus Linux OS that is supported for this Cloud Foundation release. For the Cumulus Linux OS version that is supported in this release, see the Release Notes.