Upgrade VMware software on the other domains in your environment. It is recommended that you upgrade one domain at a time.



  1. On the Lifecycle Management page, click the UPDATES tab.
  2. Click the drop-down next to Available Updates.
  3. Click the UPDATE button next to the VMware Software update.

    On the TARGET page, the management domain is selected by default.

  4. On the TARGET page, select the appropriate VDI and VI domains.
  5. Click NEXT.
  6. On the SCHEDULE page, select the date and time for the update to be applied to the target domains and click NEXT. You can select a date within a year from the present date.
  7. Click NEXT.
  8. On the Review Update page, review the update bundle, targets, and schedule.
  10. Enable the anti-affinity rule that separates NSX controllers across hosts.