It is recommended that you schedule regular backups of SDDC Manager Controller VM and the SDDC Manager Utility VM and perform restore in case of a corrupt appliance instance.

SDDC Manager Controller VM image backup supports application-consistent quiescing. The SDDC Manager Controller VM contains pre-freeze and post-thaw scripts for quiescing and un-quiescing the SDDC applications or services. These scripts are automatically called when the backup tool invokes the backup operation, and in turn the quiesced snapshot operation, on the SDDC Manager Controller VM.


A quiesced snapshot operation invoked by a backup job succeeds when both the pre-freeze and post-thaw scripts return successfully. This method ensures that the backup is application consistent.

The SDDC Manager Controller VM has a Cloud Foundation ISO bundle mounted to it. This ISO is present in the management domain vSAN datastore and is required for domain creation by SDDC Manager. If your chosen backup appliance can take backups of the ISO bundle, include it in your backup program.


The ISO bundle is required to restore the SDDC Manager. Because the ISO bundle is not updated frequently, only occasional backups are necessary. If your backup tool can include the ISO bundle in the backup process, you can use this backup copy if you need to restore the ISO bundle. If your backup process does not include the ISO bundle, you can obtain the same version ISO bundle from the Cloud Foundation image repository.