Upgrade the ISVMs on rack 1.


  1. If you have multiple racks in your datacenter, stop SDDC Manager and LCM services on each additional rack. In a single rack scenario, the ISVM upgrade scripts stops the services so you can proceed to step 2.
    1. Using the root account, SSH to the rack's SDDC Manager VM.
    2. Type the following commands.

      service vrm-watchdogserver stop

      service vrm-tcserver stop

      service lcm-watchdogserver stop

      service lcm-init stop

      Leave this console window open.

  2. In a command line window, SSH to the 192.168.* IP address for the SDDC Manager VM on rack 1.
  3. Type the following.

    ls /home/vrack/lcm/upgrade

    Note the upgrade ID displayed.

  4. Navigate to the following directory. upgrade_id is the upgrade ID you noted in step 3.


  5. Run the following command to update the isvm-upgrade.conf file.

    python isvm_upgrade_autoconf.py > isvm-upgrade.conf

  6. Run the following command to upgrade the ISVMs.

    ./isvm-upgrade.sh vm-upgrade isvm-upgrade.conf ../ova/EVO-RACK-ISVM-Appliance-Version.ova 2>&1 | tee update.log

    After the ISVM upgrade is complete, the following message is displayed in the console window.

    *** Done upgrading ISVMs *** If the ISVM cluster is functioning
    correctly, you can delete backup ISVMs. Their names end with

    If you see an error, rollback the ISVM.

    Contact VMware Support and fix the error before proceeding with the upgrade. Your current environment will be functional even though the upgrade has not been completed.

  7. Click Control + C to exit the command window.
  8. For a multi-rack scenario, go back to the console window you had left open in step 1 and restart the SDDC Manager and LCM services.

    service vrm-watchdogserver start

    service vrm-tcserver start

    service lcm-watchdogserver start

    service lcm-init start