You can add capacity to your Cloud Foundation system depending on the power availability in the rack. You can then expand a workload domain to include the additional capacity. When you have a set of 3 hosts, you can create a new dedicated workload domain.


The new host must be identical to the other hosts in the rack - from the same vendor, of the same model number, and have the same firmware version. It should be physically at your site before you begin this procedure.

If this host was previously decommissioned, the ESXi password on the host would have been set to D3c0mm1ss10n3d! but the BMC password is not reset. Follow these steps before adding such a host to a Cloud Foundation system.

  1. Login to BMC with the old password and reset the password to the default password for the vendor. For example, reset it to calvin for Dell servers.

  2. Set the BMC IP to an address in the – range.

  3. Set DNS IP to


  1. Image the new host and download the inventory file. See Image Individual Server in VIA User's Guide.
  2. Mount the new host in an empty slot on the rack and connect it to the management and ToR switches according to the wiremap. See Rack Wiring.
  3. Power on the new host.
  4. On the SDDC Manager Dashboard, click SETTINGS > Physical Rack Settings.
  5. Click the Add Host tab.
  6. Select the rack to which you want to add the host.
  7. Upload the manifest (inventory) file that you downloaded after the host was imaged.

    After the host is discovered, the Continue button is enabled.

  8. Click Continue.

    The bring-up process is started on the host. If you move to another UI window, you must click Continue for the bring-up process to start. As each task is completed, a green arrow is displayed next to the task.

    After bring-up is completed, a completion message is displayed.

  9. Navigate to Dashboard > Physical Resources > Physical Resources > Rack Details and confirm hat the newly added host is displayed here.

    If the host is not visible on the SDDC Manager Dashboard, restart the SDDC Manager healthservice by running the following API call on the SDDC Manager Controller VM:

    curl -X PUT -d 'restart' http://localhost:8080/vrm-ui/api/1.0/health


The new host is now available for addition to workload domains.