Run the following commands from the /home/vrack/bin directory of the SDDC Manager Controller VM.




Configures the settings for manual and scheduled backups of the Cloud Foundation configuration.

When using this command, you are prompted to define the following parameters:

  • Server IP for the SFTP server.

  • Port Number for the SFTP server. Default is 22.

  • Username for authenticating access to the SFTP site.

  • Password for authenticating access to the SFTP site.

  • Path of backup folder specifies the directory path where backups are stored on the SFTP site.

  • Protocol for the transfer protocol, based on what the destination supports.

    The default is SFTP.

  • Backup Frequency to set how often the backup is made.

    You can specify DAILY or WEEKLY.

  • Hour of Day to trigger the backup.

    Specify a value between 0 and 23.

  • Minutes after the specified hour to trigger the backup.

    Specify a value between 0 and 59.

  • Number of backups to retain specifies the number of backups to be retained in the SFTP site.

    Retention count must be in the range 1 - 200.


    Backups are deleted on a first-in-first-out basis.

  • Passphrase for encryption to encrypt the backup file.

After entering the last parameter, the command should return a "status": "SUCCEEDED" message.


Outputs detailed status about the last thirty days of backup operations.


Outputs a detailed list of the current backup files on the backup location, including:

  • backupType displays, for example, if the backup was initiated manually or scheduled

  • backupFileName displays the backup filename

  • backupFileSize displays the size value of the backup file

  • backupFileSizeUnitType indicates the unit in which the file size is measured, for example MB or GB

  • time displays the time the backup file was created


Manually triggers an on-demand backup of the Cloud Foundation configuration settings.

After completion, the command should return a status message and workFlowId value. For example:

   "status": "IN_PROGRESS",
   "workFlowId": "xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx",


Outputs the current backup settings. For example:

   "username": "backupuser",
   "directoryPath": "backuppath",
   "protocol": "SFTP",
   "backupSchedule": {
     "hourOfDay"; 10,
     "minuteOfDay"; 10,
     "scheduleType": "DAILY"
   "lastModifiedDate": "21-Jul-2017 08:52:08",
   "retentionCount": 2,
   "server": "",
   "serverPort": 22,
   "createdDate": "14-Jul-2017 12:00:00"


Deletes the current backup settings.

After confirming the request, the command should return a "status": "SUCCEEDED" message.