At the Review step of the wizard, you review the information about the to-be-created workload domain and start the creation workflow. You can also print the information or download a printable version to print later.

The Review page displays information about the resources and their configurations that will be deployed when the workflow creates and deploys this VDI environment.

You can use the View Configuration Details and View Component Details drop-down arrows to review information related to the VDI infrastructure that will be created and deployed, such as the number of View Connection Server appliances.


  1. Scroll down the page to review the information.
  2. (Optional) Print the information or download a printable version to print later.
  3. Click Finish to begin the creation process.


The VDI Workload Triggered window appears, letting you know that the workflow is starting the tasks that create and deploy the VDI workload domain.

What to do next

To confirm the progress of the provisioning workflow's tasks, navigate to the System Status page and and drill-down to the details about the workflow. When the VDI workload domain is created, the Dashboard page refreshes to indicate the new domain exists. From the Dashboard page, you can use the View Details button to navigate to see the details of the new VDI workload domain. From that details page, you can obtain the IP address for the View Administrator Web interface and use that IP address in a browser tab to launch the View Administrator Web interface's login screen. When you log in to the View Administrator Web interface, you can see the VDI infrastructure that is configured for this workload domain.


After the workflow has completed, complete any applicable items described in Post-Deployment Tasks After Your VDI Workload Domain is Created.