The Component IP Allocation page displays IP addresses for VMs that will be deployed for the NSX, Platform Services Controller, SDDC Manager, and vCenter Server software components.


  2. Note the IP addresses of the component VMs.
  3. Configure DNS delegation for automatic resolution of all names in Cloud Foundation.

    SDDC Manager uses Unbound (a DNS server software) for name resolution during the Cloud Foundation bring-up. You must now configure the corporate DNS server to delegate zone control for the Cloud Foundation domain to SDDC Manager.

    For example, if your corporate domain is vmware.corp, and the Cloud Foundation Sub Domain is subdomain. vmware.corp, the corporate DNS server must be configured to delegate control of subdomain.vmware.corp to SDDC Manager.

    1. Install DNS on your server by adding a new role through Server Manager and selecting DNS.
    2. Ensure that your jump server uses the local DNS for name resolution.
    3. Configure the primary zone (vmware.corp) as a zone managed by Windows DNS.
    4. Right-click the zone and select New Delegation.
    5. Enter the name of the sub-domain (subdomain in our example).
    6. In the Server fully qualified domain name (FQDN) field, type the IP address of SDDC Manager and click Resolve.
    7. Click OK.

      The new zone appears as a delegated zone under your primary domain.

    8. In a command line window, ping psc-1.Cloud_Foundation_Sub_Domain (psc-1.subdomain.vmware.corp in our example).