Specify network information such as the VLAN identifier and IP subnets for the management, vMotion, vSAN, and VXLAN networks. The VLAN IDs you specify here are configured on the physical switch infrastructure.


  1. On the Management page, enter your management network values. The DNS server here is the DNS server for your management network.

    Field Name



    The supported VLAN range is 24-3967.


    VMware recommends using a /22 network. This is to allow for adequate IP address capacity as you expand your Cloud Foundation deployment by adding racks.

    Subnet Mask

    VMware recommends using a /22 network.


    Gateway address.

    Primary DNS

    Primary DNS of your datacenter.

    Secondary DNS

    Secondary DNS of your datacenter.


    NTP of your datacenter.

    Exclude IP Address Ranges

    Enter a set of IP address ranges to exclude from the provisioning process. For example, you can exclude a range of IP addresses that you want reserved for other uses in your network.

    To add multiple address ranges, type an IP address range, click the + sign, and type the next IP address range.

  2. Click USE DEFAULTS to allow Cloud Foundation to specify system generated IP address ranges for vMotion, vSAN, and VXLAN.
  3. Click NEXT.