After you provide site specific information for the bring-up process such as rack name, passwords, IP addresses, and DNS and NTP details, SDDC Manager configures your private cloud.

About this task

If you accidentally log out of the browser while the configuration process is running, the process continues to progress. You can log back in to continue the configuration.


  1. Ensure that you have completed the steps in Connect First Rack to Your Power Source.

  2. Either turn off the firewall on the jump host or ensure that the firewall ports required to access Cloud Foundation are open.

    Table 1. Inbound Ports for Cloud Foundation


    Required for

    TCP 8443

    SDDC Manager

    TCP/UDP 53

    DNS resolution to SDDC Manager

    TCP 22 (optional)

    SSH access to Cloud Foundation and vSphere components

    Table 2. Outbound Ports for Cloud Foundation


    Required for

    TCP/UDP 53

    Corporate DNS resolution

    UDP 123

    NTP access to corporate time servers

    In addition, other VMware software included in Cloud Foundation may require additional firewall ports to be open.