Cloud Foundation provides flexibility in choosing on-premises deployment options.

Customers begin by sizing their Cloud Foundation deployment to determine the number of physical servers in their rack. You then have two deployment options for Cloud Foundation

  • Deploy the Cloud Foundation software on qualified vSAN ReadyNodes in your datacenter.

    Customers can start with qualified hardware (qualified ReadyNodes and qualified switches) in their datacenter, wire it up, and deploy the Cloud Foundation software stack on the ready system. For information on qualified hardware, see VMware Compatibility Guide.

  • Purchase a fully integrated system that combines software and hardware from select VMware partners.

    The partner works with a VMware representative to complete the Site Readiness document. This translates into a bill of materials (BoM) consisting of both hardware and software components. With this BoM in hand, the partner assembles the rack and images it. The partner then ships the system, consisting of physical racks, servers, server sub-components, power distribution units, switching infrastructure and the Cloud Foundation software, to customers.