After the hardware components on the physical rack have been discovered, you set the date and time for the rack. The specified time is set on all operational hosts, switches, and the SDDC Manager VM.


  1. Select the date on the calendar.
  2. Set the time.

    The specified time should match the current time in your environment.

  3. Select the time zone for the rack.
  4. Click SET TIME.

    The page displays the progress of the set time task. If time set fails on any component other than SDDC Manager VMs, you can either re-try this task or proceed with the rest of the workflow. Time is synced later during the bring-up workflow.

    If time set on the SDDC Manager VMs fails, you must retry setting the time. If the retry fails, reboot the SDDC Manager VMs and retry the time set task.

    After the time has been set on all Cloud Foundation components, the CONTINUE button is enabled.

  5. Click CONTINUE.

    The Power On System Validation page is displayed.