Power On System Validation applies a set of pre-defined rules to assess whether bootstrapping can be started on the rack. Alerts related to hardware issues are displayed so that you can fix the problems before bootstrapping begins. You must ensure that the hardware is healthy before bring-up begins. The bring-up service will skip hosts that cannot be configured.

About this task

The status bar on the Power On System Validation page displays the task progress. The Tasks tab displays the date and time that each validation task was performed. After the validation is complete, the Continue button is enabled.

Alert notifications are also displayed here. The Alerts tab displays alert severity and remediation details. You can download or print the task or alert list. After you fix the issue reported by an alert, click Resolve. If you cannot take the remediation steps displayed on the alert, you can continue bring-up. Hosts with issues are not configured during bring-up.


  1. Click CONTINUE.

    If POSV fails, take the necessary action and click Retry.