The initial configuration of a newly deployed Cloud Foundation rack is called bring-up.

About this task

During bring-up, the system creates a management cluster and deploys the core management component VMs in the management cluster. You can then create workload domains on your Cloud Foundation system.

The physical rack must contain at least four hosts for bring-up. These are used to create the management domain, which can also used to host user provided workload domains. To create another workload domain in addition to the initial management domain, another three hosts are required.

The bring-up process involves several steps. If you have multiple racks in your Cloud Foundation system, you must complete bring-up on rack 1 before configuring the remaining racks.


Verify that you have met the following prerequisites.

  • You have an imaged rack (where SDDC software is pre-configured on the rack) with the appropriate number of hosts.

  • You have a laptop with a supported web browser, from where you will run the bring-up process. For a list of supported browser versions, see the VMware Cloud Foundation Release Notes.