SDDC Manager manages the bring-up of the Cloud Foundation system, creates and manages workload domains, and performs lifecycle management to ensure the software components remain up-to-to date. SDDC Manager also monitors the logical and physical resources of Cloud Foundation.

As you expand your Cloud Foundation system by adding hosts or racks, SDDC Manager allows data center administrators to configure the additional hosts and racks into a logical pool of resources. This consolidates compute, storage, and networking resources of the racks available for assignment to workload domains. Thus, multiple racks can be managed as a single Cloud Foundation system.

SDDC Manager controls these processes by using workflows. Each workflow comprises of a series of tasks, which are executed by SDDC Manager. By doing so, SDDC Manager ensures that if any high level task such as bring-up or upgrade fails, it can identify the exact point of failure, and continue the process from that point onward.

SDDC Manager VMs contain multiple services, each responsible for the different APIs providing lifecycle management for the SDDC.