You can view the status of an imaging run by specifying its run ID if the rack state has not changed since that run was completed. If you imaged multiple racks using the same VIA VM, you can view the imaging history of each rack by specifying its run ID.


Verify that an imaging run is not in progress.


  1. In the VIA user interface, click History. bb
  2. In Select Run ID, select the run ID for which you want to view the imaging history. You can only view the history for a run if the state of the rack has not changed since the run was completed.

    Imaging history appears for all devices that are imaged during the specified run. bb

  3. To view details for a device, click the expand icon next to the device.
  4. To reopen a previous run, select the run ID and click Reopen.

    You can continue imaging an aborted run by reopening it.