VIA is a virtual appliance. After you install the VIA VM on your laptop, you copy the software bundle to the VIA VM. You can then access the VIA user interface through a browser on the laptop.


  • Ensure that you have the infrastructure for VIA available and that you have set up your physical environment as described in #GUID-7145BAC1-0EA0-40E4-9110-793258AE50AB.

  • Download the VIA OVF file, Cloud Foundation software bundle, and the md5sum file on the laptop or desktop.


  1. Connect one port of the network adapter to your laptop and one port to the unmanaged switch.
  2. Connect two ports of the unmanaged switch as follows:
    • one port to the ethernet management port of the management switch

    • one port to port 48 of the management switch

  3. Deploy the VIA OVF file on your laptop.

    Follow the wizard prompts to specify where to save the OVF file and accept the license agreement.

  4. Configure time settings on the laptop.
  5. Upload the Cloud Foundation software bundle on to the VIA VM by pointing the CD /DVD drive to the bundle ISO. Ensure that the CD/DVD drive is connected.
  6. Configure network settings on the laptop.
    1. Connect one NIC on the laptop to the corporate network and the other to the unmanaged switch.

    2. Manually assign a static IP address to the laptop in the range to

    This allows for separation of network traffic between the corporate network and the private network that is established between the physical rack and VIA. It also helps ensure that the DHCP service which is part of is VIA is confined to the private network between the physical rack and VIA.

  7. For the browser on the laptop that will be used to access VIA, make the following selections.
    • In Network Connection, disable the proxy.

    • Select Auto-detect proxy settings for this network so that the browser detects the proxy settings for your network.

  8. Ensure that you can ping the VIA VM (IP address is from the laptop.
  9. Power on the VIA VM.
  10. Ensure that you can ping the management switch (IP address from the VIA VM.

    Since the management switch is the first component to be imaged, the VIA VM must be able to talk to the management switch.

What to do next

Open a web browser on the laptop and type the following URL to connect to VIA: