You must download and save the inventory file for each imaged rack or host. This file is required during rack bring-up and while adding a host. For the first rack, the inventory file is copied over to the SDDC Manager Controller VM during imaging. However, you must still download the file and save it to an accessible location in case the file on is corrupted for some reason. For additional racks, you must upload this file manually while adding the rack to your system.


  1. Click the Inventory tab.
  2. Select the Run ID.
  3. Click Download.

    The file is download on the jump VM. Each inventory file is identified by the ImagingID. The name and description in the file match the details you specified in the Imaging tab.

  4. Copy the downloaded file to an accessible location.
  5. Rename the file such that the file name indicates the rack or host that the inventory file belongs to.