Access an ESXi host's detailed information and the available operations you can perform on it by clicking its name.

The types of host information you can see in a host's details include:
  • Host CPU, memory, storage
  • Whether the host is powered on or off
  • Management IP address of the host
  • Network information
  • Which management or workload domain the host is assigned to, if currently part of one
  • Which rack the host is in
  • Which vCenter Server instance is managing that host, if the host is currently part of a management or workload domain
  • Hardware health status

The hardware health status reflects the severities of the SDDC Manager alerts currently raised on the ESXi host's underlying server and its hardware components. To examine the sorted-by-severity alert list, click View Alerts.

The available operations you can perform on a host are represented by the icons in the upper right corner and you can invoke an operation by clicking its icon.