You can set default values for some of the parameters that SDDC Manager uses when creating VDI workload domains so that each time you create a VDI workload domain, the default values are used. Some of the parameters for which you can set defaults are the prefixes for the View Connection Server names, the maximum number of virtual desktops per View Connection Server, among others.

When you create a VDI workload domain, the workflow creates those VDI-specific resources for a View infrastructure that are appropriate for the selections you make in the Configure VDI wizard. Default values are used for the View infrastructure's required parameters. You can customize those default values using the VDI Settings page.


  1. In the SDDC Manager Dashboard, navigate to Settings > PHYSICAL RACK SETTINGS > VDI Settings.
  2. Set the page to edit mode by using the edit icon.
    To change a parameter's value, type over the value currently displayed in the entry field for that parameter.

    For descriptions of the parameters, see VDI Infrastructure Settings.

  3. Save your changes using the save icon.


The customized default values are subsequently used when a new VDI infrastructure is provisioned using the Create VDI wizard.

To revert to the original default values, click RESTORE DEFAULTS and then click CONFIRM.