Imaging the new management switch with VIA installs the necessary software on the switch.


  • Management switch must be connected to the laptop or management host where VIA is installed.
    • If VIA is installed on a laptop, the NIC port on the laptop must be connected to port 48 of the management switch.
    • If VIA is installed on a management host, the management host must be connected to a private managed switch that is connected to port 48 of the management switch.
  • Identify the Cloud Foundation version in your environment and ensure that the appropriate bundle and md5sum file is uploaded on VIA.
Note: Do not connect the management switch to any host before or during imaging.


  1. In the VIA user interface, click Imaging.

    Ensure that you are in the Details tab.

  2. (Optional) Type a name and description for the imaging run.
  3. In Deployment Type, select Cloud Foundation Individual Deployment.
  4. In Device Type, select MGMT_SWITCH.
  5. Select the vendor and model number of the switch. The IP address is displayed.
  6. Click Start Imaging.
  7. Disconnect the switch from the laptop or management host.