Use the SoS tool to create backup files of the ESXi and physical switch configurations in your Cloud Foundation system. This Python tool resides in the SDDC Manager VM in your system.

To run the SoS tool, SSH in to the SDDC Manager VM using the root account, navigate to the /opt/vmware/sddc-support directory and type ./sos followed by the options required for your desired operation.

./sos --option-1 --option-2 --option-3 ... --option-n

To list the available command options, use the --help long option or the -h short option.

./sos --help
./sos -h
Note: You can specify some options in the conventional GNU/POSIX syntax, using -- for the long option and - for the short option.

For more information about the SoS tool, see Supportability and Serviceability (SoS) Tool.


When running the backup command to create the backup files for all racks in the system in a single command run, you must have the root account credentials for the SDDC Manager VM. When you retrieve these backup files, you can run the tool in the same SDDC Manager VM, logging in using the root account credentials for that VM. See Credentials for Logging in to the SDDC Manager VM.


  1. Using SSH, log in as root to the SDDC Manager VM.
  2. Change to the /opt/vmware/sddc-support directory.
  3. Type the command to collect the configurations and save the backup files to the /var/tmp directory.
    ./sos --backup

    The tool displays Welcome to SoS(Supportability and Serviceability) utility!, and messages about the tool's progress, for example:
    rack-1-vrm-1:/opt/vmware/sddc-support # ./sos --backup
    Welcome to SoS(Supportability and Serviceability) utility!
    Backup: /var/tmp/backup-2016-11-08-15-01-48-3650
    Log file: /var/tmp/backup-2016-11-08-15-01-48-3650/sos.log
    Progress : 0%
  4. (Optional) Use the following command options to run or schedule the backup.
    Command Description
    --switch-backup Backs up the switch configuration.
    --esx-backup Backs up the ESXi configuration.
    --schedule-backup Schedules periodic backup.
    --frequency-hours Sets backup interval in hours.
    --delete-backup-schedule Deletes existing scheduled backup.
    --get-backup-schedule Displays current backup schedule.
    --get-all-backups Gets most recent backup created by scheduler.
    --delete-all-backup Deletes all backups created by scheduler.


The tool collects the ESXi and switch configurations and writes the output to the /var/tmp directory in the SDDC Manager VM. Inside that directory, the tool writes the output into a directory whose name reflects the timestamp when the SoS tool initiated the process.

/var/tmp backup-timestamp sos.log
		rack-1 esx configBundle-hostname.domain.tgz
		#One per host switch 
		#File named according to the switch's IP address and manufacturer
		cumulus- #Management switch configuration file

The ESXi and switch backup files are included in the image-level backups of the SDDC Manager VM. When needed (for example in event of a failure), you can retrieve the backups from the SDDC Manager VM. If that VM itself is not accessible, for example, in case of multiple TOR switch failures, you can also retrieve the ESXi and switch backup files from one of the SDDC Manager VM backups.

What to do next

For details about working with backing up and restoring switches, see Replacing and Restoring Switches.