You create a Virtual Infrastructure (VI) workload domain using the SDDC Manager Dashboard. When you create a VI workload domain, SDDC Manager reserves the necessary pool of capacity from the available resources and deploys the VMware software stack appropriate for that VI environment.

When the creation workflow deploys the VI workload domain, it deploys one or more vCenter Server Appliance instances, associates the ESXi hosts with those instances, and performs the appropriate configuration of the hosts and virtual networks.

SDDC Manager uses the information you provide in each step of the VI workload domain creation wizard to determine the virtual environment to provision. After providing the requested information in a particular step, proceed to the next step by clicking Next.


Using the root account, SSH in to the SDDC Manager VM and run the ./sos --health-check command to ensure that the system is running correctly. Fix any issues that are discovered and clear the corresponding alerts.

Decide on a name for your VI workload domain. The name can be three to twenty characters long and can contain any combination of the following:

  • Lowercase alphabetic characters
  • Uppercase alphabetic characters
  • Numbers
  • Hyphens
  • Underscores
Note: Spaces are not allowed in any of the names you specify when creating a VI workload domain.

Verify that you have the networking information to use for the workload domain's access to your corporate network. In the wizard, this network is called the Data Center connection. This network is used for access to the workloads that you run in the VI workload domain. You can use either the network configuration that was configured during your rack's bring-up process or enter a new configuration at that step in the wizard. A VLAN ID is required.

If you are planning not to use the existing default configurations for this workload domain's vMotion, vSAN, and VXLAN network connections, verify that you have the networking information you want to use for those network configurations.

Note: As you progress through the wizard, if you select to use the defaults for one of these networks, but the software detects that the IP address space in the existing network configuration is inadequate to fulfill the needs of the workload domain's infrastructure, you must specify a new configuration for that network at that step in the wizard.

See also the description of the networks in Specify Networking Information for the VI Workload Domain.

What to do next

For a description of actions you should perform after starting the creation workflow, see the What to do next section of Review the Details and Start the Creation Workflow.