In the SDDC Manager Dashboard, the upgrade pre-check utility validates each component and returns a health status indicated by green (HEALTHY), yellow (WARNING), or red (ERROR) icon. In the SDDC Manager Dashboard, the Pre-Check Status page displays a high level report on each component and its readiness. You can click the icon for any component to view the details of the status.


  1. In the SDDC Manager Dashboard, click Lifecycle Management in the left navigation bar.
  2. Click the Pre-Check button to manually trigger a new pre-check operation.
  3. At the top of the Lifecycle Management page, click Upgrade Pre-Check to display the Pre-Check Status page.
  4. Next to the MGMT Management heading, click View Status to expand the page contents.
    The Pre-Check Status page displays the system components and their current status or readiness for the upgrade process.
  5. (Optional) To view details of any component status, click the status icon or component name.
    The details panel lists out the tasks that comprise the status check. You can click each task to view another level of detail that includes description, and time of most recent status check. If the status for the task is yellow or red, the details include the impact of the error and steps for remediation.