Package the generated key pairs, CA-signed certificates, and CA chain.


If the key files are password protected, you must have the password. All password-protected key files must have the same password.


In the /opt/vmware/cert-mgmt/bin directory of the SDDC Manager VM, type the following command.
./vcfcerthelper \
--config_file config.json \
--cert_dir SignedByMSCACerts \
--password 'psswd' \
--action build-certrepl-config
Parameter Description
--config_file Configuration file you built for the Certificate Generation tool.
--cert_dir Directory where the CA signed certificates are stored.
--password Key password.
--action Action to be performed.
--enable_ssl_passthrough Changes vRealize load balancer to SSL passthrough mode.
The file package is created in the same directory that contains the CA signed certificates.