You can configure scheduled backups of the Cloud Foundation configuration directly in SDDC Manager. You can also manually trigger backups. You can access and view the backup files.


  1. In the the SDDC Manager Dashboard, navigate to Settings > Configuration Backup.
    The Configuration Backup page displays.
  2. Click Backup Settings.
  3. Click Edit at the top of page.
  4. Configure the parameters for manual and scheduled backups of the Cloud Foundation configuration.
    Parameter Description
    SFTP Server Address Specify the IP address for the SFTP server.
    Server Key Fingerprint Confirm the server key fingerprint for the SFTP server.
    Transfer Protocol Select the transfer protocol, based on what the destination supports. The default is SFTP.
    Port Specify the port number for the SFTP server. The default is 22.
    User Name Specify a username for authenticating access to the SFTP site.
    Backup Directory Specify the directory path where backups are stored on the SFTP site.
    Encryption Pass Phrase Specify a pass phrase for authenticating access to the SFTP site. The pass phrase must include at least one digit.
  5. Complete the Backup Job Parameters section to schedule the backup.
    Parameter Description
    Backup Frequency Select the frequency to set how often the backup is made. You can specify DAILY or WEEKLY.
    Time Specify the hour to trigger the backup.
    Retention Count Specify the number of backups (1 - 200) to be retained in the SFTP site.
  6. Click Save Edits at the top of page.

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