The Server Selection page displays hosts available for VDI workload domains. Hosts that are powered off, cannot be accessed via SSH, or have not been properly commissioned are not displayed.

When selecting hosts, select only healthy hosts. To check a host's health, log into it and run use the SoS health check command:
./sos --health-check
For more information, see Supportability and Serviceability (SoS) Tool.


  1. Click Cluster Resource Info to see the minimum CPU, memory, and storage required to deploy the required virtual desktops.
  2. To select hosts to be used for the VDI domain, select VC1 in the VC drop-down for the appropriate hosts.
    For optimal performance, select hosts identical in terms of CPU, memory, storage, and disks. Note that unhealthy hosts, or hosts that are not properly commissioned are not displayed.
  3. Click Cluster Resource Info again to ensure that the total usable resources on the selected hosts match the required resources. Note that the CPU, memory and storage in the Total Usable Resources section is not necessarily the sum of the CPU, memory, and storage on the selected hosts.
    When the selected usable resources match or exceed the required sesources, the Next button is enabled.
  4. Click Next.