The following procedures shows you to replace a Dell EMC Networking inter-rack switch.


  1. Copy the to-be-replaced switch's backup configuration file to its rack's management switch's /var/tmp directory.
    scp backupFile.gz cumulus@
    For example, when replacing the ToR switch with IP address, you copy the backup configuration file named<switch-name>-running-config.gz to the management switch in that ToR switch's rack.
  2. Disconnect the switch you are replacing and remove it from the rack.
  3. Install the replacement switch into the rack and wire it according to the same wiring connections the previous one had.
  4. Clean the switch as described below.
    Dell# config
    Dell(conf)# reload-type
    Dell(conf-reload-type)# dhcp-timeout 0
    Dell(conf-reload-type)# config-scr-download enable
    Dell(conf-reload-type)# boot-type normal-reload
    Dell(conf-reload-type)# exit
    Dell(conf)# exit
    Dell# write memory
    Dell# delete startup-config
    Dell# reload
  5. When prompted to proceed with the reload, enter yes.
  6. Using the original switch IP address, configure that same IP address on the new switch on the interface named management1.
    For example, if replacing an inter-rack switch with an IP address, configure the management1 interface as follows:
    # conf
    # interface ManagementEthernet 1/1
    # ip address
    # no shutdown
  7. Verify that the newly installed switch is reachable by pinging from the other inter-rack switch on the rack.
    Dell# ping
  8. Decompress and copy the configuration backup from the rack Management switch to the new switch.
    Spine30#copy scp: flash:
    Address or name of remote host []:
    Port number of the server [22]:
    Source file name []:/tmp/R2S3-<timestamp>
    User name to login remote host: root
    Password to login remote host:
    Destination file name [R2S3-<timestamp>]:
    Feb 21 23:28:21 %STKUNIT1-M:CP %SEC-5-SSH_USAGE: Using SCP-SSH v2 
         (FIPS Disabled)
         [scp] FIPS crypto module self-test passed
  9. Apply the saved configuration settings to the T0R switch running configuration.
    Dell # copy flash:/R2S3-<timestamp> startup-config
    switch # copy startup-config running-config
  10. Generate and configure the SSH key.
    1. Log in as root to the SDDC Manager VM.
    2. Switch to the vrack user and generate the key.
      # su vrack
      # ssh -oHostKeyAlgorithms='ssh-rsa' admin@
    3. While still logged in as the vrack user, rotate the SSH key.
      # curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X PUT --data 
           "{\"keyGenAlgorithm\":\"RSA\", \"keyLength\":2048}" 
  11. Update the /home/vrack/.ssh/known_hosts file on the SDDC Manager VM.
    1. Locate the entry for the switch being updated.
    2. Replace the SSH key value with the newly rotated key value.
  12. In the SDDC Manager Dashboard, clear all alerts for the inter-rack switch you just replaced.
    Note: You can obtain the switch information with the following command.
    #curl -X GET http://localhost:8080/hms-local/api/1.0/hms/switches/<switch-id>
  13. (Optional) Confirm the switch replacement was successful by going to the Rack Details pages in the the SDDC Manager Dashboard.
    Note: The Rack status might initially appear as powered off. The status may take up to twenty minutes to display correctly.


The replacement switch is in place and has the backup configuration from the switch it replaced.