Navigate to a VI workload domain's virtual environment using the launch link from the workload domain's details page. When you click the launch link, the vSphere Web Client opens to a view of the virtual environment associated with that workload domain and you can use the standard capabilities of the vSphere Web Cilent to work within the environment.

When a VI workload domain is created, SDDC Manager deploys and configures the required VMware SDDC infrastructure within your environment. Within that SDDC infrastructure, you can perform the typical workload-related tasks that you would typically do in a virtual environment built on a vSphere software stack.

Note: All of the capabilities of a VMware SDDC are available to you in the VI workload domain's environment, such as creating, provisioning, and deploying virtual machines, configuring the software-defined networking features, and so on.


  1. From the SDDC Manager dashboard, navigate to the VI workload domain's details page.
  2. In the domain details page, locate the vCenter launch link and click it to launch the vSphere Web Client.


The vSphere Web Cilent opens to the VI workload domain's environment.

What to do next

Begin provisioning the VI workload domain's SDDC environment for your organization's needs. In the vSphere Web Client, you can perform all of the tasks that you typically perform in a VMware SDDC environment.